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Gilbert police release 911 tapes in shooting

Gilbert police release 911 tapes in shooting

CREATED May 8, 2012

Web Producer: Sara Wright

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Gilbert police have released some of the 911 calls made the day that a former Neo-Nazi reportedly shot and killed four people, before turning the gun on himself.

Police believe JT Ready shot and killed his girlfriend, his girlfriend's daughter, her child, and another man. His girlfriend, Lisa Mederos, made the first 911 call:

Dispatcher: "What do you need assistance with ma'am?"

Mederos: "Domestic violence. He's gone ballistic in the house and ruined the frickin' garage door and I want him ..."

Dispatcher: "Who is he? Your husband? Are you speaking about your husband ma'am?"

Mederos: "Boyfriend."

Dispatcher: "What is it he's doing?"

Mederos: "Oh my God!

Just a few minutes after that initial 911 call, Lisa Mederos' daughter, Brittany, called.

Dispatcher: "911. What is the emergency? What's going on there?"

B. Mederos: "There was gunshots and my mom and my niece and my sister are all on the floor and I think they're dead. My mom...."

Dispatcher: "What about your mom?"

B. Mederos: "It was my mom's boyfriend, JT Ready. They were fighting and screaming and I was in my room and now they're all dead."

Investigators are still trying to figure out Ready's motive in the shooting. The FBI says it was already investigating Ready as part of a domestic terrorism investigation.