Mother & daughter found dead in Mississippi - had ties to S. AZ

Public records show the Bain family owned this house in Pima County in 2008 and 2009

Mother & daughter found dead in Mississippi - had ties to S. AZ

CREATED May 7, 2012

Reporter: Craig Smith

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The FBI says 2 bodies found behind a rural Mississippi home are those of a mother and her eldest daughter who were in the process of moving back to southern Arizona.
Agents also say two surviving girls are with the man who owns the property; and could be heading our way.

As the FBI confirms the terrible news, 9 On Your Side has confirmed that the mother and her girls have stronger ties to Pima County than we once thought and so does the man suspected of being behind this murder-kidnapping.

The Bain family once called Tucson home and they were in the process of moving back when the mother and one daughter were killed and two more daughters went missing.

Monday evening the FBI confirmed that the bodies are those of mother Jo Ann Thompson Bain and her 14 year old daughter Adrienne Bain.
Still missing are 12 year old Alexandria and 8 year old Kyliyah Bain, who are believed to be with someone who was a close family friend.  He is identified as Adam Mayes, also known as Christopher Zachary Wylde or Paco Rodrigass...
He is considered to be extremely dangerous, and he could be heading to Arizona.

Jo Ann Bain and her three daughters disappeared from her old home town in Tennessee ten days ago.
Police and the FBI believe 35 year old Adam Mayes, once described as a family friend is responsible.
The bodies of Jo Ann and her oldest daughter Adrienne were found on his property in Mississippi, 80 miles away.
The FBI says the two youngest girls are still with him.
Photos from the Facebook page of one of his alias' show him in friendly poses with the Bain family, especially the two youngest girls.
As of late last month, Jo Ann Bain had updated her Facebook page to show Tucson as home.
It would be a return to the area. Public records show the family lived in a home in Pima County and paid property taxes on it through 2008 and 2009.
Jeff Mc Murray was their neighbor.  He remembers Jo Ann and her husband Gary but not very well.

"I remember when Laurie and them moved out and these people moved in and they did have two or three kids and he was a big guy, she was a small woman.  They kept to themselves a lot.  Didn't talk to them much, so..."
Jeff Mc Murry tells us his girlfriend remembers a bit more, especially the girls peeking over the fence into his yard.  She also remembers the family mentioning a move to Marana. 
The girls list Marana schools on their Facebooks.
Investigators say Mayes was helping the family prepare for a move to Arizona, and may have ties to Arizona himself.  Some of his pictures show what looks like Arizona scenery in the background.
Though they have pictures of Mayes and the girls, he may have taken steps to make them harder to recognize.

FBI spokesman Joel Siskovic says, "We do have information that he has altered the appearances of everybody including himself, primarily from cutting their hair - the girls may have far shorter hair than the pictures out there.