University of Arizona on alert after weekend robbery; new crime stats


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University of Arizona on alert after weekend robbery; new crime stats

CREATED May 7, 2012

Reporter: Aaron Brackett

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -  U of A students are on alert after a weekend robbery and assault of a student. This news comes just as a police study cites a substantial rise in residence hall crime.

Early Sunday morning,a student was walking down a campus alley when he says he was robbed by two men. News of this latest campus crime is being met with a report citing a 49% increase in incidents within residential dorms in 2011.

Sgt. Juan Alvarez attributes the increase in crime to better reporting from resident assistants, and a growing student body.

"We're not really concerned with the increase in crime, it's the actual type of crimes that we are seeing," said Alvarez. "We do have an increase in population every year, new students come on board, we also encourage every crime to be reported."

Police say they have a good description of Sunday's robbers, but they need the community's watchful eyes. 9OYS talked to students who said they try to avoid walking alone at night.

"Personally, [this news] is so scary," said student Ree Cooper. "I have to go under the overpass just to get to my parking garage and I work late sometimes. "Even though someone always walks with me, we are girls, and its really scary actually."

Gabe Dupont says he generally feels safe, but usually walks with friends late at night.

"Its never been nerve racking or sketchy, not that I can think of at least", said Dupont.

Sgt. Alvarez recommends taking action when threatened. "If you feel unsafe, threatened, go to a blue light phone, call 911 right away and remove yourself from that situation as soon as you can," said Alvarez.