Search for Isabel slows

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Search for Isabel slows

CREATED May 7, 2012

On day seventeen in the search for Isabel, police are cutting back and public interest is slowing down.

Reporter: Tammy Vo

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - For the first time since Isabel Celis went missing, Tucson Police did not hold a news briefing on Monday. They also scaled back on the amount of weekday investigators dedicated to the search.  At their last briefing on Sunday,  Lt. Fabian Pacheco told the media that they would have just two news briefings this week, on Tuesday and Thursday, instead of every day.

"It's the natural progression of things... We are still all in this together" said Lt. Pacheco.

It seems that volunteers have also cut back. On Monday morning, the volunteer tent near Broadway and Craycroft was empty.  Malena Carillo waited there for a few hours Monday morning to turn in a jar full of cash that she collected from donors. No one was there to take it.

9 On Your Side caught up with people who were having breakfast at Jerry Bobs on Broadway on Monday morning. It seemed that talk of what happened to Isabel, isn't what it used to be.

"I went to the doctor and even in the office and you see the posters and that's all. It's not on (television) every hour.  It has dwindled down" said Linda Flynn. She attributes the slow down to the fact that there haven't been any big breaks in the case and media coverage has dropped off.
But her husband Larry believes, that may be a good thing.

"If she's local in town and someone has her, they are going to keep her hidden. But once the news flash goes off and everything calms down they'll feel free to move her somewhere and police will have more of a chance to spot her too" said Larry Flynn.

But Jane Gilmore tells KGUN 9 that she's seen cases like this before and predicts that attention will totally fizzle away in two weeks.

"You hear about it so much in the first month and then there's never even any update in the months to come. You wonder, gee, did they ever find this child? It just sort of stops" said Gilmore.

On Facebook , the Find Isabel Celis page still pushing for support. Creator, Steve Raw posted:

     "Remember, if we sprint too fast in the beginning, we won't be able to keep our endurance up over time. Pace yourselves, folks. The goal is to be accomplished. Stay the focus, keep up positive thoughts and prayers, and stay the course. Work together to achieve this."