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Paper your street: Volunteers keep Isa's name in the spotlight

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Paper your street: Volunteers keep Isa's name in the spotlight

CREATED May 6, 2012

Reporter: Marcelino Benito

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Volunteers took to the streets early Sunday morning to canvas neighborhoods with hundreds of fliers. They say it's the only way no one forgets six-year-old Isabel Celis is still missing.

"We just want to get her poster on every sign, every light pole, to get her face out there," volunteer Brittney Patrick said.

It's called "Paper Your Street," an event organized to post fliers in neighborhoods and along streets volunteers missed early on in the search for Isabel. Volunteers tells 9OYS it's a way to get Isabel's face all over town. 9OYS cameras tagged along as volunteers walked pole to pole and up and down sidewalks. It's their small part to help bring Isabel home. 

"That is the biggest thing we can do," Patrick said. "Hopefully anybody seeing her face will remember her and what she looks like."

Sixteen days into the search there's a growing fear that people are starting to forget and maybe even starting to lose hope.

"We always have to hope," Patrick said. "You never know who's going to see a flier."

Volunteers tell 9OYS they don't plan on stopping anytime soon. They say a six-year-old girl is counting on them. Reporter Marcelino Benito asked volunteers if this is personal to them. "It's personal for everyone in our community, and it should be," Scott Salzer said.

It's also personal for the Tucson Police Department. They continue to work to crack the case. In the meantime, TPD says every flier, every tip can make a difference. During Sunday's press conference, Tucson Police offered few new details on the investigation. They're calling on the public to understand releasing too much information could compromise the investigation. For now, they continue to ask the public to flier, but to leave the search and the investigation to them.

"The police is the public and the public is the police," Lt. Fabian Pacheco said. "We need to rely on each to see this through."

If you'd like to help donate more fliers, you can help by calling Office Max adjacent to the Volunteer Command Center at (520) 584-0644.