Old train station downtown claims ghost

Old train station downtown claims ghost

CREATED May 6, 2012

Web Producer: Marissa Pasquet

PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP) - The sprawling and historic Union Station train station in downtown Phoenix is idle now.

For 73 years, it was a place that connected people. It was a stop on the Sunset Limited between Los Angeles and New Orleans, until Amtrak suspended passenger service in 1996.

The station still has penny-tile bathrooms and two-story ceilings and a carved oak refreshment booth in the corner with an authentic icebox still intact.

And it has a ghost named Fred.

Officials report a security man in charge of building maintenance says some employees flat-out refuse to go into the attic, where the ghost is rumored to hold court.

James Kelly of Arizona Paranormal Investigations has been looking into the supernatural for 35 years and says he would love to get inside Union Station.

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