Celis family attends benefit softball tournament


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Celis family attends benefit softball tournament

CREATED May 5, 2012

Reporter: Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - For the first time we see the Celis Family -- smile -- for brief moments during the benefit softball tournament.  Friends and family spent time between innings and games trying to distract Sergio and Rebecca -- engaging them in light hearted conversation and encouraging participation.

Eddie Ortiz, a friend of Rebecca's brother, drove in from Sierra Vista. He said he was "trying to make them have some fun -- when it's a time of deep stress."

Grateful for their intentions -- Sergio and Rebecca said it was hard to achieve. "It's tough being out here though it's good to see the smiles on my kids faces. There hasn't been many smiles."

Though there were smiles that tore at their hearts -- from the little girls -- playing next to the fields -- as Isa would often do at her brothers' baseball games. "We can't not look at every little girl and constantly be thinking of Isa," said Sergio.

KGUN9 reporter Valerie Cavazos asked Rebecca what Isa would normally do when she watched her brothers play. She said, "She'll sit with me a little bit and then go run around and play with the other little girls and then come back every time her brothers were up to bat."

Cavazos asked if being out at the softball tournament is giving them a break -- mentally, emotionally and physically. Sergio replied, "I can't ever say there is a break. It does help with the endorphins that way, but there is no break."

Not only of being in the spotlight -- but of the silence of a missing child when they return home.  "It's funny. I've said that once all this in front and all this that's going on -- it's quiet behind closed doors. It's amazing how loud it gets inside your head."

Seeming a bit more comfortable talking to the local media, Cavazos asked them what had changed. Rebecca replied, "Nothing had changed." She said her hands were clenched behind her back and we was still nervous and scared. Sergio said they were committed to being at more benefit events -- including two more scheduled for the weekend.

Volunteers will come together to canvas the city with fliers. The "Paper your street" campaign begins at 8:30 at the volunteer tent at Broadway and Craycroft. Supporters will host the "Voices of Hope" benefit concert for Isabel at Cataline Methodist Chruch on Speedway at 7:30. Sergio is slated to sing if he feels up to it. He says if he's too emotional to perform then he will thank the audience for their support.

The benefit softball tournament added more than $700 to the Find Isa Fund.