Isabel's window: a key clue or a false trail?

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Isabel's window: a key clue or a false trail?

CREATED May 4, 2012

Reporter: Craig Smith

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A window in the Celis house could be a key piece of evidence---or just a false trail.  Questioning of the parents turned toward that window in their news conference Friday.
A lot of questions have centered around whether one of the windows was the way in our out of the house for whoever took Isabel Celis.  Isabel's father Sergio suggested he's beginning to question that theory.

"I will say initially, but then after more investigating, and I don't want to go too far about that, I am just not sure anymore. And I think that's as far as I can speak about that."
Police did say they did see something about one of the windows that led them to take an especially close look.

At the Friday afternoon briefing, Tucson Police Sergeant Maria Hawke said, "It was some suspicious circumstances associated with the window to the house but we can't confirm if that's a point of entry or exit and so as you can imagine there's a variety of other ways to get in and out of the house so we're examining all possibilities."

From KGUN9 News own look at the floor plan, we can say we noted the master bedroom, on the upper right part of the floor plan, is across the width of a 3800 square foot house from the other bedrooms.
Sergio and Rebecca Celis said part of the reason they stayed away from the house was a matter of waiting until they felt it was okay to clean some of the harsh chemicals police used in the house to help gather evidence.  Rebeccas Celis says she worried about chemical fumes harming her other two children, but perhaps a bigger factor was the way they still see and feel Isabel in the house.

Rebeccas Celis said, "Everything is Isabel so it's hard to want to walk in there and see all her stuff. Isa had toys she was playing with around the house."  Sergio Celis added: "Writing on the wall, the crayon, the words, everything, her pictures, everything on the fridge, absolutely everywhere you look in the house she is there."