Former neighbor of molestation victims recounts predator

This resident says the neighborhood is quiet, and neighbors are the 'nicest people you could meet'.

Former neighbor of molestation victims recounts predator

CREATED May 1, 2012

Reporter: Aaron Brackett
Web Producer: Chuck Meyer

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) One day after at least one girl was molested during a home invasion. Adam Smith, a former neighbor returns to the house he left two years ago. The reason? A peeping tom who Smith says looked similar to the man police have sketched in Monday's home invasion.

"We lived two doors down from the victim's home," Smith said. "We left for a couple of reasons, one of which is because I saw a peeping tom two years ago in the back yard up against the window staring at my wife while she was lying in bed. I called the police while he was still there, and was able to speak to them while he was still there at the window."

 Monday and Tuesday, neighbors around the victims home have endured a steady stream of police and media from local and national agencies. Bob Bruce says the neighborhood is normally peaceful.

"Its very quiet, we love it out here because it is so quiet," explained Bruce. "We have very little problems normally, greatest people you would ever want to know, and its sad that this situation came up and sullied the neighborhood as it is."
Despite a quiet street most of the time, the thought of the intruder returning was too much for Smith and his family. He says cameras and a security system did little to comfort them.

"We did a lot of precautionary things, but we realized we were just staring at this monitor 24/7 hoping to catch the guy again, and we didn't want to live like that, so we just kind of turned things off and moved on, and moved away," Smith said.      

Smith says his former home, two houses down from last night's victims', backed up to open desert. When he saw the man two years ago, he was able to disappear quickly into the darkness before police arrived.