Day 10: Surveillance video released from incorrect day

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Day 10: Surveillance video released from incorrect day

CREATED Apr 30, 2012

Web Producer: Ina Ronquillo

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - During the 2:00 p.m. media briefing, Lt. Fabian Pacheco with Tucson Police told the media the video released on Friday was from the incorrect day.

Tucson Police are working with the company who released the video to get the correct video. They are also working their investigation in cooperation with Pima County Sheriffs Department.

Lt. Pacheco met with the Celis family to discuss the requests from the media for interviews. He said that police are remaining in "constant contact" with the family.  He also said that he urged them to speak with the media.  This would help keep the case of Isabel Celis in the forefront of the community.

Police also have detectives assisting the Pima County Sheriff's Department with a break-in case on the Northeast side involving three young girls ages 6 to 10.  They cannot confirm whether or not the case is related to Celis', but they do say they are looking for possible similarities.

Police established a way for citizens to submit tips.  Mobile phone users can provide information anonymously via iPhone or Android Mobile Apps through TipSoft. People can also send a text message to "CRIMES" (274637) beginning with the keyword "TucsonPD" from a mobile phone. For this specific investigation, police are using the specific full keyword "TUCSON PD 5265."

Tucson Police have asked the community to be vigilant in noticing behavioral changes in person(s) who may be associated with Isabel's disappearance, including: missed appointments, work or other normal activities last Saturday and leaving for a period of hours or even days or leaving the area entirely during the weekend.

Police say the person(s) may also be more nervous, irritable or secretive than normal; may display an unusual interest i the media coverage of Isabel's disappearance or not want to discuss the investigation; and the person may have cleaned, painted or altered his vehicle.

Tucson Police are asking anyone with video from Freedom Park where Isabel Celis played little league to review their home video and share it with authorities.  This could possible help them in their investigation.

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