Freedom Park video may provide clues to missing Isabel Celis

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Freedom Park video may provide clues to missing Isabel Celis

CREATED Apr 27, 2012

Reporter:  Jessica Chapin

TUCSON (KGUN9- TV) - Police are keeping all possibilities open in the case of missing 6-year-old Isabel Celis.  Now, they're asking for help from anyone who may have video of the baseball games the family attended. 

Isabel was last seen in public a week ago at Freedom Park while watching her brother's little league game.  His coach, Joe Vega spoke on their behalf.

"Isabel was playing by our dugout," he said, "Our game was over.  We left the park close to 10 o'clock, everybody left about the same time.  Isabel had a game the following morning so I know they probably went and put her right to bed."

But, the next morning she was gone, and police continue to search for clues to find her, including one disturbing possibility.

"We don't know if somebody followed them home from the park Friday night," said Vega.

That idea has parents of all teams paying close attention to their children during games at Freedom Park.

"I have a son that plays in this league and it's kind of scary," said one mom, Jeannine Brady, "I'm already a very protective parent but we had an alarm system installed on our house and one particularly installed on my son's window."

Police are asking anyone who may have evidence or information to step up. 

"The important thing to note is that many parents go to these events and take their own video cameras," said Lt. Fabian Pacheco, "If they did we're asking them to make that known to us so we can evaluate that video."

They say they will be looking at the family's interactions if caught on tape, as well as any other encounters family members or Isabel may have with people in the park.  They are also asking anyone with information no matter how insignificant they feel it may be, to call 88-CRIME.