Portrait of a cheerful little girl: Isa Celis brightened lives of friends and family

Portrait of a cheerful little girl: Isa Celis brightened lives of friends and family

CREATED Apr 26, 2012

Reporter: Claire Doan

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – While southern Arizona works to bring Isabel home, many of us actually know very little about this girl. Who is Isabel Celis?

It has been 6 days since Isabel vanished from this home on the east side, and most of what we know about her is from fliers: She’s 6-year-old, 44 pounds, 4’4” and has brown hair and hazel eyes.

But family and friends remember “Isa” as a cheerful, smart first-grader.

“She’s a sweet little girl. She’s a girly girl who loves pink and purple,” said Melissa Hodges, a volunteer and a friend of Rebecca Celis, Isabel’s mother.

Hodges said Isabel loves having her hair braided, wearing dresses, wearing makeup and being pampered.

“She likes getting her nails done, doing Spa Day with her grandma,” said Julie Degroat, another family friend.

Joe Vega, a close family friend and baseball coach, said Isa is also very athletic.

“I knew she was going to be a ball player as soon as soon as she was old enough and started playing right away. She loved following her brothers around and always wanted to help out in the dug out – real playful, real fun,” Vega told 9 On Your Side.

Isabelle was on the Little League softball team, which honored her at their Tuesday game by wearing the #4 - her jersey number - on their uniforms.

Vega also said it’s hard for Isabel to be separated from her family: “She loves being around her brother, she loves be around her dad, loves her mom.”

And on Facebook, Sabrina Celis – who claimed she’s Isabel’s aunt – recalls how the girl told her she’s a big girl at 6 years old, rather than a baby at 5.

Volunteers said they need more help, including T-shirts and money for fliers.