On day 5, volunteers step up efforts

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On day 5, volunteers step up efforts

CREATED Apr 25, 2012

Reporter:  Jessica Chapin

TUCSON (KGUN9- TV) - Signs, fliers and now billboards spread the message family friends and even strangers wear on their clothes, "Bring Isa home."  The volunteer efforts to find 6-year-old Isabel Celis are stepping up as mid-week approaches, with overwhelming community support.

Valerie Ballesteros works at TMC with Celis' mother Rebbecca.  With a daughter of her own, she remembers hearing the news of Celis' disappearance Saturday.

"It hit home.  I've taken extra precautions as I'm sure the entire community has," she said.  Moments later, Ballesteros says she was in the company of fellow co-workers and family friends.

"We met at this tree just hanging out at the cars trying to figure out what we're going to do," she said, "and look at what we've become in a matter of four to five days."

Friends and strangers continue to wait for answers at a volunteer booth near the command center.  They've passed out more than 10 thousand fliers paid for with donations, and made enough to display a billboard near I-10, sold at-cost for $600.

Ballesteros says the support has been unbelievable.

"They come by, they give us water, they give us food to tell us to keep going," she said.  Another billboard emerged in Phoenix Wednesday.

"Somebody we do not even know put that up," said Ballesteros, "I don't know if there's another group out there trying to help, if there is, keep going."

Volunteers are also finalizing fund-raising plans for a car wash and softball tournament.  They plan to continue raising donations for fliers and signs and reward money until Celis is home.

"Who knows maybe we can start a foundation to help more victims," said Ballesteros, "We're obviously not professionals here but we can become professionals in getting kids names out there."

Volunteers have been coordinating through social networking sites facebook and twitter.  Click here to see their page.

9 On Your Side also has a printable flier.  Click here for print a copy.