Infant's body found near Eloy

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Infant's body found near Eloy

CREATED Apr 24, 2012

Reporter: Craig Smith

ELOY, Ariz (KGUN9-TV) - While Tucson Police try to find 6 year old Isabel Celis---missing since Saturday, Pima County Deputies have confirmed the fate of a different child---6 month old Vanessa Martinez---and it's a sad one. 

Pima County investigators found the baby's grave near Eloy Tuesday; near where her parents said it would be. 

A bleak patch of desert was the grave of 6 month old Vanessa Martinez.  Her mother, 20 year old Olivia Paige Martinez, and her father 26 year old Jonathan Niles Kesterson are charged in the baby's death.
They were in San Diego when authorities there arrested Kesterson on an unrelated charge and he began talking about the baby's death.
His comments led to the arrest of the mother too.

KGUN9 reporter Craig Smith asked Pima Sheriff's Deputy Dawn Barkman: "Is it apparent they were on their way to San Diego and came over here to dispose of the child?"

Deputy Barkman says, "It appears that's very likely that they were on their way from Tucson to San Diego, saw the Toltec Road, decided it was a good place to bury a child."

Information from the parents brought deputies to a patch of desert off Toltec Road, not far from I-10 but it took search dogs to lead them directly to the baby's grave.
Deputies used GPS to bring extra precision to their measurements of the grave site.
The baby's body is out of the desolate gravesite now. The medical examiner will work to prove precisely how the child died. That will be evidence to build a case against the parents, while the baby moves to a final rest.