The Isabel Celis search: Day 3 developments


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The Isabel Celis search: Day 3 developments

CREATED Apr 23, 2012

Reporter: Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -- The waiting game continues - national, state and local media standby -for the latest information every two hours.  And each hour - small bits of information are cautiously divulged. "The reality of the situation is these are painstaking investigations - they are very complex - they require good old fashioned police work. Drudging through the details," said TPD chief Roberto Villasenor.

But each piece adds to the big picture of the search efforts and what may have happened to Isabel.
Police say TPD, the FBI and US Marshals continue to scour the area - covering a 3-mile radius - with more help added today.

A new set of eyes and expertise - human and canine -- is what the TPD chief says was needed as they continue their investigation into the missing 6 year old. Today the focus was on the two specialized FBI dogs - flown in the Virginia. They quickly uncovered new evidence that changed the nature of the search - evidence that police will not disclose. "The canine units have been on the phone have been discussing with the Behavioral analysis unit that does work in these types of scenarios and provide what to look for in an individual and we're discussing that and require their assistance in a more upclose fashion," the police chief said.

The chief said he is bringing in the National Center for Exploited and Missing children - who specialize in these types of cases. The house has been secured and a second search warrant will be obtained. The family has moved to another undisclosed location. Police say the parents are cooperating with them  but have chosen to remain silent with the media. "We just deliver the request and leave it up to them. We're not pushing that either way," said Villasenor.

Urban foot patrols continued to scour a 3-mile radius - from the Celis home - as well as the Los Reales Landfull. What led us to that we had disposal removal Sat. morning from local dumpster. We just secured that area because we don't know what we're dealing with yet," said Villasenor. Police are expected to finish up by tonight or tomorrow morning.

As police units canvas the area - more than 100 tips have come in from all around the city since Saturday --  tips that police have to determine are credible enough to pursue. "We're almost done with that," said Villasenor.

However, the police are concerned that those valuable pieces of information from the public will stop. "We've received some additional information today .. obviously not the same numbers as the past two days." he said. But the chief said that they are counting on the public to continue giving them tips and information that might lead them to Isabel Celis.