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Volunteers take action to find Isabel Celis

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Volunteers take action to find Isabel Celis

CREATED Apr 23, 2012

Reporter:  Jessica Chapin

TUCSON (KGUN9- TV) - Police aren't the only ones searching for 6-year-old Isabel Celis.  Hundreds of volunteers are posting on social networking sites, even printing their own fliers to help find the missing child.

When news of her disappearance came out Saturday, it struck a chord with many Tucsonans, including Steve Raw.  He took to his computer to set up facebook and twitter accounts titled, "Find Isabel Celis."  Within the past three days, they've surpassed 2 thousand followers, distributed download-able fliers and spread the search nation-wide through the pages of out-of-state followers.

"It helps bring us together as a community to do our thing and time is of the essence," he said. 

Raw says his goal is to facilitate volunteers who want to help, and give them a platform to organize their efforts.  He and several volunteers are also taking steps to set up a booth at the county fair to hand out fliers, and start a ribbon campaign.

"(I) Don't want to step on the authorities toes, don't want to get in their way," he said, "We want to be a community that helps and does our thing and that's what Tucson is about."

One of those community members is Dawn Ridgway, who printed 200 fliers from the facebook site herself, and passed them out to Sun Tran bus riders and drivers.

"I have a 6-year-old daughter of my own and the thought of someone coming into my home in the middle of the night is just terrifying," she said.

She says during her short time at the bus station, several strangers volunteered to help, doing anything they can to find Isabel.

"It feels really good knowing that there's some good people out there that are willing to volunteer and help somebody that they don't even know," said Ridgway.

Local businesses are also pitching in.  In addition to hanging the fliers in their storefronts, Office Depot is also discounting printing for Volunteers and family friends who set up a booth near the police command center to hand out fliers.  Volunteers say they handed out more than 25 hundred fliers Monday.

Police are not encouraging volunteers to do any searching.  They urge everyone to keep an eye out for Celis, and call 88-CRIME to report any suspicious activity.

To print a download-able flier for the missing child, click here.