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Scope of exemption for contraception bill debated

Scope of exemption for contraception bill debated

CREATED Apr 18, 2012

Web Producer: Ina Ronquillo

PHOENIX (AP) - Last-minute debate on legislation to loosen Arizona's requirement for health plan coverage of contraception now centers on whether the bill's latest version still leaves the door open for a wide variety of employers to drop the coverage.
Opponents of the legislation say its latest wording is so broad that any employer could drop the required coverage by changing its legal records to proclaim itself a religiously-minded organization.
Backers of the bill acknowledge there's a potential for that to happen. But they say they don't expect it will be prevalent for reasons that include trying to avoid controversy in the workplace.
Amid a backdrop of national debate about contraception and religious freedom, the Arizona legislation has stirred controversy both for its potential change to workers' health plan coverage and privacy concerns.

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