Postal union uses ads to save jobs

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Postal union uses ads to save jobs

CREATED Apr 16, 2012

Reporter: Aaron Brackett

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Numbers show by 2020, the amount of snail mail Americans send will drop so much , the US Postal Service will lose 15 billion dollars. That's why the fate the Cherrybell Sorting Center in Tucson and other Post Offices remains up in the air.

Now postal unions are taking matters into their own hands. Ads for the employees of the USPS have been airing nationally since march 16th, paid for by the Postal Employee's Union.

Rob Soler from the Tucson office says the ads are not from the USPS, but the employees themselves, who are worried about their jobs.

"The mail is how we pay for what we do," said Soler. "We are looking at losing 25 million dollars a day if things don't change, which is why we are working with congress to develop comprehensive legislative reform."

9OYS got in touch with the people responsible for the ads, The National Postal Union. Spokesperson Sally Davidow says the root of the problem is a law passed six years ago, not the rise in email.

"The cause of the problem is a law that was passed in 2006," explained Davidow. "The Postal Service is required to make prepayments on acocunts. No other company or government agency is required to make [the payments], and it costs the Postal Service about 5.5 billion dollars a year. Since the law was passed, lo and behold, the USPS has accumulated over 20 billion dollars in debt."

Sally said the ads are aimed at educating people about what's happening on Capitol Hill, and stamping "return to sender" on the Postal Service's money problems.