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Pima County to allocate money to fix potholes

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Pima County to allocate money to fix potholes

CREATED Apr 10, 2012

Reporter: Aaron Brackett

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Swerving to work trying to save shocks and struts may soon be a thing of the past in Pima County. According to County Administrator Chuck Huckleberry, the county's roads are going downhill fast, but there is a solution in the works.

"What we have seen is significant deterioration between 2007 and 2011," said Huckleberry. "We used to say that there were 22% of our major streets in poor shape or needing reconstruction, and now that has grown to about 60%."

Tuesday morning, the Pima County Board of Supervisors discussed how to tackle the growing pot hole problem. In the meeting, Huckleberry outlined 5 options to supply 5 million dollars to repair roads with four of those options involve moving money from one part of the budget to another. The fifth option involves getting Phoenix to stop tapping into the county's highway user revenue funds...something driver Mike Hellen says needs to stop.

"Its interesting, the legislature brags about how they balance the budget, but they don't tell the voters how they balance it," exclaimed Hellen. "By not just diverting HURF funds, but as we mentioned here this morning how they have been cramming down costs to the cities and the counties and I think more public attention needs to be given to that circumstance."

No matter how they decide to pay for repairs, Jay Deangeli calls today's meeting a nice start after putting up with old roads for 17 years.

"The county tells us that they are not repairable any longer so its just a matter of patching up the holes and keeping them glued together," said Deangeli. "We are in hopes that one day we can get a repaving program going in our neighborhood and have something we can work with."

Board member Richard Elias said the county transportation officials would make the decision of which roads to repair, but heavier traveled streets will be repaired first.

9 OYS asked Board Member Richard Elias if state legislature taking county funds is the root of the pothole problem. "I would say that is the root of the problem when you look at it, explained Elias. "You are really talking about the better part of 80 million dollars being taken away from Pima county and all of the jurisdictions in Pima county. It's a huge amount of people and the taxes that they pay that are going for other things that the legislature deems are more important."