Children struggle to pay for father’s funeral after rollover accident

The death of Danny Murphy in a construction site accident is still under investigation.

Children struggle to pay for father’s funeral after rollover accident

CREATED Apr 5, 2012

Reporter: Claire Doan
Web Producer: Chuck Meyer

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – A tragic construction accident leaves a Tucson family without a father. And almost two weeks later, they’re struggling not only to find answers, but also enough money to pay for his funeral.

Danny Murphy died after his dump trucked rolled over in the Pantano Wash on March 24. His accident raised questions about the safety of the company, the safety of the site and who (if anyone) is responsible. But his family said what they want most now is to lay Murphy to rest.

Danny Murphy’s burgundy truck is parked in front of his modest home, where his four children and mother-in-law live. Three of the kids are under the age of 18.

“We went out there and they went to pick a casket. They set up a time for a funeral and everything but when we had no money, everything was cancelled,” said Glenda Depew, Murphy’s mother-in-law.

Mruphy’s body is still with the Pima County Medical Examiner nearly two weeks since the accident. His family has only been able to raise a couple hundred dollars, but a funeral costs at least thousands. They don’t believe in cremation.

“It’s very tough at night when everybody’s asleep walking through the house normally you see him laying there smoking a cigarette or getting up to go to the restroom. You don’t see that anymore,” said Murphy’s son Cody.

DePew said the children have been withdrawn, speaking little about their father. They can’t accept that he’s gone and believe he died because someone the site dropped the ball on safety, which Murphy had complained about.

“I think Danny died unnecessarily. I think he should be here today … Just one of the things that happened. I don’t think it was his time to go,” Depew said.

Murphy’s death leaves his children with the short-term problem of paying for his funeral and the long-term prospect of not having a father.

“We’re going to live day by day. That’s about it – all we can do,” said Cody.

Murphy’s daughter is eight months pregnant with a boy; he was looking forward to being a grandfather and wanted to teach him how to drive a big truck.

If you want to help the family out, go to any Wells Fargo Bank and ask for the Danny Murphy Memorial Fund.