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Arizona AG says complaint motivated by job fear

Arizona AG says complaint motivated by job fear

CREATED Apr 4, 2012

Web Producer: Adriana Desiderio

PHOENIX (AP) - Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne says an employee filed an elections complaint against Horne in order to try to save the job of the employee, a Tucson attorney who supported Horne's 2010 campaign.


Horne says Don Dybus filed the complaint to try to use whistleblower protections to save his job and his health benefits after learning that he was about to be fired for substandard work.


Horne denies the complaint's allegation that he illegally coordinated his election campaign with an independent committee that attacked his general election opponent.


Horne points to a news story in a political tip sheet published by the Arizona Capitol Times. It quoted Dybus as saying the allegation was based on inferences, not direct evidence.


Dybus did not immediately return a call for comment.

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