City-wide texting ban goes into effect Sunday

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City-wide texting ban goes into effect Sunday

CREATED Mar 30, 2012

Reporter: Allen Kath

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Starting this weekend, it's going to cost you if you text and drive within city limits.

The city-wide texting ban goes into effect on Sunday- and if police catch you, it will cost you $100.

Most agree texting and driving is dangerous, but 9 On Your Side spoke with people who admitted to doing it. Most said they think the ban is important.

"I think its a very good idea, myself, I've done it before and its just not safe," Phyllis Blanchard said. "You really don't pay attention because you're too busy trying to get the right letters and what not."

Some even said just banning texting isn't enough.

"The fact that someone can be eating a sandwich or you know, shaving, putting on makeup while they're driving and that isn't taken as seriously even though it is as dangerous, it's a little frustrating to me," Robert Nissenbaum said.

But City Attorney Mike Rankin said police may have a hard time enforcing the law because it's hard to gauge who's actually texting behind the wheel.

"To some level it's difficult to know if the person is checking the date, checking the time on their phone as opposed to sending a message," Rankin said.

But Rankin thinks a ban alone is enough for most drivers to put the phone down.

"Most people tend to actually comply with the law," Rankin said.

Texting and driving is a primary offense. That means if people spot you, they will ticket you.