Incident report gives glimpse of rollover victim's final moments

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Incident report gives glimpse of rollover victim's final moments

CREATED Mar 29, 2012

Reporter: Marcelino Benito

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The Murphy family has been asking for answers after Danny Murphy was unexpectedly killed when his dump truck rolled over into the Pantano Wash. 9OYS obtained the Pima County Sheriff's Department incident report from that day. It sheds new light on what happened in the moments leading to Murphy's tragic accident.

"I was shocked," Cody Murphy said. "I never expected my dad to pass."

9OYS has learned Murphy's truck was carrying 20 tons of soil and cement. Crews were trying to build up the banks of the wash. Four witnesses saw the accident happen, and they all tell the same story. As Danny traveled southbound on the east side of the wash, the rear of the dump trailer began to slide sideways off the edge of the bank. The trailer began to roll, and the tractor snapped over. It was a 10 to 12 foot drop. Witnesses say it landed "really hard" "upside down" in the wash. Murphy was pinned inside.

"Everybody is saying it's his fault," Cody said. "I don't think it's his fault."

The incident report suggests neither do the four witnesses. They all spoke to Danny earlier in the day and claim "he gave no indication of anything that would suggest any type of impairment." First responders describe a grisly scene. They say it instantly appeared injuries were likely fatal. The report goes on to say "Mr. Murphy's neck was in a position that would not sustain life and blood was running down his face."

"All these things need to be sorted, but the fact of the matter is a good man was lost and maybe unnecessarily," Cliff Lawton, Murphy's pastor said.