Mike Stoops sounds off on UA

Mike Stoops sounds off on UA

CREATED Mar 24, 2012

 Reporter: Jake Knapp

NORMAN, Okla. (KGUN9 TV) -- Mike Stoops is back at Oklahoma and happy to be reunited with his older brother, Bob and the Sooners. But earler this week, the former UA head coach made some comments in a cbssports.com article that ruffled a few feathers in Tucson.

Stoops had a 41-50 record in seven and a half seasons with the Wildcats. When reflecting on his time as a head coach at UA, this is what Stoops had to say:


"We may have got it as good as it can get. You have to be realistic with what your expectations are and you should have high expectations, I certainly did. But what you're capable of and what the circumstances that are dealt to you, it's hard to achieve those big goals of winning a championship there," Stoops said of his time at Arizona. "There's a reason they haven't won a championship at Arizona and it's not bad coaching or bad players. You can blame it on anything you want, football and championships are about commitments made university wide. It's a commitment made to winning, not at all costs but there is a cost. 

"When you don't have a football facility and every Mountain West team has one and you don't, that's a problem. We were playing at a BCS level and I feel like I was fighting with a toothpick and they've got a bat."

A $72 million football facility is under construction at Arizona Stadium. It is expected to be completed by the start of the 2013 season, about a season and a half too late for Stoops.