Sloppy first day in pads for UA football

Sloppy first day in pads for UA football

CREATED Mar 21, 2012

 Reporter: Jake Knapp

TUCSON (KGUN9 TV) -- Rich Rodriguez warned us that his first spring with UA football would be ugly. The ugliness appeared on the first day of practice in pads.

The Wildcats had two weeks off since their last practice and the layoff was evident on the field. Rodriguez was so unhappy with what he saw, he didn't even let the players talk to the media after practice.

"I really didn't think that we practiced well enough. I didn't coach well enough to be interviewed either, but we certainly didn't practice (well) enough to have any players sit there and give you their opinion on how practice went."

UA has 11 more practices this spring to get it right. They're back on the field on Friday at Jimenez Practice Facility. Then make the trip up to Glendale Community College on Saturday, where they plan to host a scrimmage at noon.