Guy Atchley's Arizona - Rock Art Ranch

Guy Atchley's Arizona - Rock Art Ranch Image by © Guy Atchley

Guy Atchley's Arizona - Rock Art Ranch

CREATED Mar 20, 2012

Anchor: Guy Atchley
Web Producer: Martha Serda

WINSLOW, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV)  -  I often tell people that the quietest night of my life was spent on a 5-thousand acre ranch near Winslow.

Sunrise at Rock Art Ranch near Winslow, where a stream-cut canyon holds a secret, Petroglyphs dating back centuries. The drawings are everywhere along the cliffs accented by flowers that will be gone tomorrow and sand that occasionally gives up pottery once molded by native hands. The same hands that took time to carve the stories of their lives. 

74-year-old Brantley Baird watches over this place making sure only tourists and not vandals approach it.  There's the covered wagon, the buffalo that occasionally show up for a drink of water, and the wildlife that became trophies on the ranch walls.

But it's the walls of the Rock Art Canyon that people come here to see …and thanks to Brantley Baird …it'll remain just as it has for hundreds of years and thousands of sunsets.