Two suspects die in police chase, others injured

Two suspects die in police chase, others injured

CREATED Mar 20, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 20, 2012


Reporter: Aaron Brackett

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Two suspected robbers are dead tonight and two others are in the hospital after a police chase ends in a fatal crash. Caron Rivers and Nina Smith were pronounced dead at the scene while Cory Rivers and Irma Coronado received non-life threatening injuries. Pima County deputies tell 9OYS it all started early this morning, when two women were at the Casino Del Sol on Valencia Road.

The four suspects confronted two women as they left the casino and followed them home. Just after 2:00 Tuesday morning, one of the suspects rolled under the garage of a house on West Exton, near Los Reales and Camino De La Tierra,  pistol whipped one of the women and took off with her purse.

Mohommad Miqbel and his family heard the scuffle next door. "[The robbers] went in through the garage door, and the guys went in behind them and ran up on them," explained Miqbel. "They tried to close the garage on them, and [the robber] just slid right through and hit someone with a gun and that's it. They left with their purses."

 Soon after the robbery, deputies spotted the suspect's car on I-19 and started chasing it. When the driver got off the freeway, the car rolled killing Caron Rivers and Nina Smith while sending the other two suspects to the hospital. Cory Rivers and Irma Coronado are expected to survive.

Since the suspects in this case followed the victims home, 9OYS wanted to know what you should do in this situation. According to the State Department, if you ever think you are being followed, circle around the block to confirm someone is tracking you. If you are being followed, find the nearest police station or other busy public place and get in fast. Lastly, never drive to your home.