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Suspected "puppy mill" pit bulls to be released for adoption

Suspected "puppy mill" pit bulls to be released for adoption

CREATED Mar 16, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 18, 2012

Reporters:  Corinne Hautala and Forrest Carr

HUACHUCA CITY, Ariz.  (KGUN9-TV) - More than two dozen pit bull type dogs and pups rescued from what's been described as a suspected puppy mill in Huachuca City will soon be available for adoption.

A few days ago police raided a home in Huachuca City and confiscated the dogs, which were found living in poor conditions. 

The animals had been in the Huachuca City animal control facility since the raid.   During Thursday's hearing, the judge ordered the animals turned over to Smiling Dogs Rescue.

On Friday afternoon, Smiling Dogs Rescue spokesperson Sara L. Dent told KGUN9 News, "They are all very lovely temperamented, sweet dogs that are currently integrated into our individual family dog packs as they await forever homes, and are getting along famously with their foster siblings."

KGUN9 viewers who wish to know more about adopting the dogs may contact Smiling Dogs directly through their website,

On Thursday one suspect, Sha’Ton Murdock, was arraigned on charges related to the seizure.  His attorney entered a plea of not guilty.

Editor's note:  an earlier version of this story noted that Smiling Dogs Rescue had declined to be interviewed about the puppy rescue on Friday, and provided a link to an exchange of emails about the reasons for that.   On Sunday afternoon, KGUN9 News and a spokesperson for Smiling Dogs Rescue exchanged apologies for a series miscommunications that led to the misunderstanding.   KGUN9 News and Smiling Dogs Rescue agreed to work together for a follow-up story about the puppy mill dogs and the adoption process early next week.