Pits involved in attack to be euthanized, owners charged

Pits involved in attack to be euthanized, owners charged

CREATED Mar 16, 2012

Ten days after two pit bulls attacked an elderly woman, they are about to be euthanized and their owner, charged.

Reporter: Tammy Vo

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -Ten days after a vicious dog attack, the lives of an elderly woman, two dogs and their owner have changed dramatically.

89-year-old Miriam Seymour continues to recover in the hospital after a recent surgery and several blood transfusions. Her family tells KGUN 9 that she continues to improve.  Seymour was checking her mail on March 7th when two pit bulls that were chained together attacked near River and Oracle.

On Friday afternoon, the two dogs will be released from quarantine as required after a bite to check for rabies. They could be euthanized as early as Friday afternoon.

Their owner turned the dogs over to Pima County Animal Care after the attack. That owner has since been charged with two misdemeanor charges for each dog including: leash law violations and biting dog violations. If convicted, the total maximum penalty could include a fine of $6,500 and/or probation and/or jail time.

Did the dogs have any known history of aggression? If so, the owner could be charged with a felony under Fabian's Law.

Animal control says while there's no known history of aggression, earlier this month the mailman complained about one of the dogs roaming the neighborhood. Last month, a neighbor complained about the dogs barking.   Those complaints do not appear to add up to any indication that the dogs might have been vicious.

After the attack, the dog's owner did not want to speak to KGUN on camera, but said that the dogs had often escaped the yard and that he had chained them together to prevent it.   Tragically, not only did the chain fail to prevent the escape, but it may have contributed to the severity of the attack.  Investigators said the victim's legs became entangled, hindering her ability to get away.