Activists bring "banned" ethnic studies books to town

Activists bring "banned" ethnic studies books to town

CREATED Mar 16, 2012

Reporter: Stephani Ruiz

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -  Protestors from across the nation are set to pull into Tucson today- and they're bringing more than signs with them.

They have a collection of books pulled from classrooms after the state forced TUSD to pull the plug on Mexican American Studies.

When news of the ban reached Activist Tony Diaz, he says he knew he had to act- and act fast.
"When we found out that not only did Arizona legislators pass House Bill 2281, but they also forced teachers to walk into classrooms during class time and in front of our young box books by our most beloved authors, that was very offensive to me," Diaz said.

TUSD tells KGUN9 the district had to take the ethnic studies books out of classrooms to comply with state law, but they are still available in school libraries.

Diaz calls it a bold attempt to erase history. His "Librotraficante Caravan" is gaining national support as he and fellow activists travel through Texas and New Mexico, bringing the pulled books into Arizona.

Their goal- to keep other states from copying what they call an "anti-history" law.
"The whole idea is that Arizona legislators tried to erase our history, we've decided to create more and we have created a nationwide movement that know that our culture has been delivered to a test of democracy and it is our turn to define the american dream for everybody," Diaz said.

For a complete list of this weekend's events, visit the Librotraficante website.