Man killed in Tucson after family flees Africa for US

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Man killed in Tucson after family flees Africa for US

CREATED Mar 13, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 13, 2012

Reporter: Aaron Brackett

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A neighborhood is in shock after multiple bullets flew near the intersection of Rickey and Pinal Vista. Caught in the crossfire, Mundele Mulato, whose family fled the country of Angola during a brutal civil war that left more than 4 million people with no where to go.

Marian Wilcox was a sponsor who gave the family their start in Tucson. "They all called me "ton-tee", which means aunt," said Wilcox. "I got to be there when [Mulato] was born, I was sort of a grandmotherly figure for the family, they stayed at my house.

Early Tuesday morning, the family got news...that his life had ended.

According to Tucson Police, last night around 7:30pm, several shots rang out near the intersection of Ricky Vista and Pinal Vista with one man critically wounded. Today, Mundele's family tells 9 OYS he was that man, and he was caught in the crossfire which eventually cost his life.

Jesus Gonzales, a neighbor, was home during the shooting. "I was inside the house and next thing I know, I heard gunshots," explained Gonzales. "I got down on the ground and a couple of minutes later I went outside and saw some guy laying on the sidewalk...he was laying on the sidewalk."

Tuesday morning, there were still signs of last night's gunfire including broken concrete and bullet holes in cars as well as blood still sitting on parts of the sidewalk.

While a neighborhood recovers from a deadly night, the family of Mundele Mulato has one wish.

"I wish we wouldn't allow guns to be carried in this country, because this wouldn't have happened," said Marian Wilcox.