Two UA fraternity brothers face sexual assault and kidnapping charges

19-year-old Gregory Haft (left) and 20-year-old Ellery Gordon

Two UA fraternity brothers face sexual assault and kidnapping charges

CREATED Mar 8, 2012

Reporter: Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -- Two UA fraternity brothers face sex and kidnapping charges after a female student claimed they assaulted her at a party. 20-year-old Ellery Gordon and 19-year-old Gregory Haft are each out on 50-thousand dollars bond.

A female student claims Hart and  Gordon sexually assaulted and abused her  -- and kidnapped her at their Pi Kappi Phi house.  The photo taken by the Arizona Daily Star shows Haft -- on the left --  and Gordon -- on the right -- in court. The two fraternity brothers were indicted by a grand jury on February 28th.

Attorney Skip Donau, who represents Gordon, told KGUN9, "I believe he's completely innocent and I believe this case will either be dismissed or acquitted. And i think the same is true of the co-defendant, Mr. Haft." KGUN 9 reporter Valerie Cavazos asked Donau if the two men had any prior record. He answered, "They had no prior record whatsoever. They have no prior contact with the law whatsoever."

The two men have been expelled from the fraternity, which was on probation for most of last year after underage drinking was discovered at a party. The fraternity has been in good standing since August.

Fraternity president, Yoseph Arsala, said "From a fraternity standpoint, all I can say is that we're cooperating with the authorities. It's not our fraternity issue, it's an individual issue. We're just cooperating right now."

Gordan and Haft also face possible suspension or expulsion from the university as well. The Dean of Students office is investigating whether the two students violated the university's code of conduct.

"We are thorough and purposeful in that investigation and work closely with all of the students involved to determine what actually happened," said UA Dean of Students Dr. Keith Humphrey.

Humphrey could not say whether the university has completed its investigation into the case, but he did say: "While these incidents do happen, they are isolated in nature and not necessarily common occurences on campus."

Gordon's attorney told us he's prepared reports that he believes show his client's "clear and convincing" innocence. He's hoping the Pima County Attorney will review the reports and dismiss the case. The two men are back in court for a pretrial proceeding on April 7th.