Pit bull victim relative speaks out

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Pit bull victim relative speaks out

CREATED Mar 7, 2012

Reporter: Craig Smith

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A member of the victim's family is speaking up----and speaking out with a message Miriam Seymour wanted heard about the animals that attacked her.

Speaking of her sister in law, Mary Seymour says, "She's coherent.  She remembers very well what happened to her and how it happened."
But that means Miriam Seymour remembers the attack in painful detail.
Her sister in law Mary, says the wounds are numerous, deep, and terrible.

"She has several bites on her shoulders, on her other arm, the same thing, her other arm has quite a bit of...down to the bone, everything and the skin is practically gone."
Miriam Seymour has lived in interesting life.  Her sister in law says she was a professional pilot, flying corporate aircraft.
She is an aviation historian who wrote a book and is working on another.

Mary Seymour says, "That's was one of the things I thought was kind of funny when I saw her and she was talking to me and she said, I'm so mad, she says because I got a lot of work to do still on my second book and I don't know how I'm gonna get to it."
Mary Seymour says her sister in law asked her to speak up, and pass on a message:

"What she feels is that people have to be aware that if they do have these dogs that they have to be put on leashes or make sure that these dogs are kept in a fenced area where they cannot get out because this is ridiculous with people like this.  She's 89 years old and for something like this to be happening.  It seemed like you hear about it all the time."

Mary Seymour says her sister in law Miriam was healthy and strong before the attack despite the fact that she is 89 years old.  But now she is confident Mirian Seymour will need many more surgeries before she's ready to go home.