Residential fire spreads scorching acres of land

Residential fire spreads scorching acres of land

CREATED Mar 7, 2012

Reporter: Corinne Hautala

CARMEN, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) – The windy weather the last two days has posed a challenge for the Tubac Fire Department.  Fire crews are battling hot spots, today, from a residential fire that quickly jumped to wildland.

The wildfire has burned five acres in Carmen, south of Tubac.  The Tubac Fire Chief, Kevin Keeley, said it started in a residential area in someone’s yard on Tuesday afternoon.  He said due to the high winds the fire jumped about 150 yards to wildland.

With high winds again, today, fire crews were back on the scene working to put out hotspots.

Mark South, with the Tubac Fire District, explained to 9OYS why firefighters have to circle back to spots they just put out, “The trouble is we just worked it [a hotspot] not more than 15 minutes ago and, because it is so dry we have to come back and work it again.”

9OYS walked through the rubble on Ernie Valencia’s property with him.  The fire started in his yard and he said it destroyed a trailer and two sheds.
“I haven't even climbed in there yet,” he said pointing to one of the sheds, “but I can tell you everything is gone and my grandmother was unfortunate, she lost all her pigeons.”

He said the sheds and trailer didn’t have much of value inside, expect for some tools.  There was also a propane tank inside one of the sheds that he said exploded in the fire, but an oil drum he said, luckily, didn’t ignite.

Valencia tells us there was a lot of trash on the property that burned.  He said, “It is sort of a blessing,” because the garbage had piled up over the years and he and his family hadn’t made the time to clear it out.

He said what’s the hardest to see is one of the sheds that was destroyed, which his grandfather built years ago.

“Mainly, it is just memories,” he said.  “My grandfather and all the things he did.”

Firefighters are expected to check hot spots again tomorrow.