Border chief says new stategy forcuses on risks

Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada testified Federal and local law enforcement---and the border fence have pushed violent border crime to remote areas

Border chief says new stategy forcuses on risks

CREATED Mar 7, 2012

Web Producer: Alexandra Sutter

PHOENIX (AP) - U.S. Border Patrol Chief Mike Fisher has unveiled parts of his agency's new strategic four-year plan to tackle border security on Wednesday.
Fisher says that agents will be focusing on better responding to risks rather than beefing up their resources.
Fisher spoke to a crowd of law enforcement and those working in the border-security field at a major border expo in downtown Phoenix.
He says details of the Border Patrol's new strategic plan were still being finalized and that the plan won't be made public for about another two months.
But Fisher outlined the basics, saying that the agency's last strategy, written in 2004, will move from being resource-based to risk-based.
In recent years the agency has beefed up manpower, technology and infrastructure, and apprehensions of border-crossers have gone down.

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