Big Al "Your Traffic Pal" in traffic school?

Big Al "Your Traffic Pal" in traffic school?

CREATED Mar 6, 2012

Photojournalist: Chris Miracle
Web Producer: Ina Ronquillo

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - You know who he is, he is Big Al "Your Traffic Pal.

Every day on Good Morning Tucson, he provides your traffic report and which route is the best to take.

Last December, Big Al was running late to a doctors appointment, was pulled over for speeding and got a ticket.

Big Al says, "I thought to myself, I am running a little late.  So why don't a take that nice new stretch of roadway on La Canada between Calle Concordia and Ina Road. Then out of the blue in a unmarked car lights and and I knew he got me."

Deputy Ryan Roher tells KGUN9, "I saw saw him driving very fast and recorded his speed at 64 mph using radar device.

"I was 19 over which is one mile below criminal speeding. I was going about 64 in a 45," said Big Al.

So we went back to the scene of the crime.

Big Al says, "It's kind of a bitter sweet misty eyes location for me."

Photojournalist Chris Miracle says, "It's posted 45. I mean its wide open. Look at that,not only one sign, but two signs on the same side of the roadway."

I mean forget speed traps, this traffic "guru" just needed to read the signs.

Miracle asks, "Did you make it to your doctors appointment on time?"

Big Al, "Did not. I was running late anyway and when I was pulled over that just added another 7 to 8 minutes."

That seven to eight minutes cost him more than four hours and $200 dollars for traffic school.

Roher says, "It's just too high of a speed to ignore. It really doesn't matter who that person is."

Scott Cramer who was in the same defensive driving class as Big Al says, "I watch him all the time in the mornings get up early with the dogs so it was kinda like is that Big Al? Don't tell me they got Big Al.

Oh, they did.

So what did he learn from this?

"You should do as I don't do, do as I say and you will be in better shape then even I am," says Big Al.