Willcox shooting suspect uncooperative, had drugs with him.

A look at the police activity a few blocks for Willcox High School.

Willcox shooting suspect uncooperative, had drugs with him.

CREATED Mar 1, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 1, 2012

Reporters: Martha SerdaForrest Carr and Kevin Keen
Web Producer: Ina Ronquillo Chuck Meyer

WILLCOX, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - A Willcox student who was injured in a Thursday afternoon shooting incident that led to a school lockdown was not shot. Police say he was hit by shattered glass or debris as a gunman fired several rounds from a rifle during a baseball game at Willcox High.

The shooting suspect, a 40 year old with a criminal past, is in custody and faces three counts of attempted murder. Willcox Police Chief Jake Weaver tells KGUN9 On Your Side this morning that suspect Arthur Tineo was uncooperative when he was questioned overnight, and provided police with no motive for the shooting. Police say Tineo had no connection to anyone nearby. They are describing the incident as 'a random act of violence.'

Police also tell KGUN9 this morning that Tineo had a white powdery substance on his person as they booked him. Police believe the substance is methamphetamine. He was not drug tested, but police say he did not appear to be under the influence at the time.

Arizona Department of Corrections records reveal  Tineo was in a prison complex at Douglas from 2002-2004 for aggravated DUI and a dangerous drug violation. drug charges.

In an exclusive 6:30 PM KGUN9 News Thursday evening, Chief Weaver sorted facts from some of the wildly conflicting reports on various media outlets, some of which said that a victim had been confirmed shot.  

The afternoon scare led to an hours-long lockdown at all three Willcox schools -- Willcox High, Willcox Middle School and Willcox Elementary.  The lockdown ended shortly before 5pm.

The Superintendent of the Willcox School District, Dr. Richard Rundhaug,  told KGUN9 News live on the air at 5pm that one student was injured, but said that his information was that the injury was not due to a gunshot.   In the 6:30 PM press conference, Willcox police chief Jake Weaver confirmed that account and revealed that the injury was caused by flying glass.

Rundhaug said more than one sporting event was underway at the time of the attempted shooting.  "We did have a baseball game that was just underway.  I don't know that students were on the field yet.... Spectators were beginning to collect in anticipation of the baseball game.  I do know that some of the other sports were going on.  There was a tennis match." 

Rundhaug said that everyone connected to those events got quickly to safety.   

When KGUN9 News reporter Kevin Keen asked Chief Weaver Thursday night  to explain why Willcox PD had kept a lid on information for so long, Weaver explained that his department had simply not been able to confirm all the facts until shortly before the lockdown was lifted.  He admitted that the department was flooded all afternoon with calls from concerned parents, to the point where the 911 system was overloaded.