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Gingrich says Georgia victory 'key building block'

Gingrich says Georgia victory 'key building block'

CREATED Feb 29, 2012

Web Producer: Adriana Desiderio

ATLANTA (AP) - Newt Gingrich says a victory in Georgia's presidential primary is a "key building block" he needs to move his campaign forward.
Georgia is one of 10 states holding primaries and caucuses next Tuesday and the former House speaker's statement highlights the crucial role his home state plays in his White House ambitions.
Gingrich spoke Wednesday at the Georgia Statehouse in Atlanta, where he predicted he will win Georgia's primary and, in his words, "win it decisively." He was joined by Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal.
Gingrich skipped this week's primaries in Michigan and Arizona to focus on some of the bigger states that are voting next week, including Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio and Oklahoma.
He started the day by addressing the Georgia Legislature.

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