Midtown dog attack victim speaks out

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Midtown dog attack victim speaks out

CREATED Feb 26, 2012

Reporter: Marcelino Benito

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Two dogs viciously attack another canine in Midtown then move on to that canine's owner. Next, they turn on a man rushing to help, leaving the animal lover and Good Samaritan no choice than to take deadly action. The victim in that attack, Marisa Miranda, spoke out to 9OYS. She says the attack has stolen her sense of security.

Miranda owns Bon Bon, a Chow mix. They've been together for the last 12 years. She was used to walking him everyday without incident, until the day of the attack. She says she's now scared to go on walks in the neighborhood.

Earlier in the week, Pima County Animal Care confirmed one of the dogs who attacked Bon Bon and Miranda was a pit bull mix. That dog was shot and killed. The other ran away. 

"We don't know where," Marisa's daughter Fabiola Miranda said. "That's why she's saying she's scared of walking because she doesn't know if it'll be back."

Despite neighbor Kevin Perkins heroism that day, the dogs managed to do a lot of damage. Marisa  was bitten in the leg. She had to get several stitches. The wound is still bruised. Bon Bon's wounds were a little worse. Scars are still visible on his ears, belly and hind leg. 

"The vets say she was really lucky," said Fabiola. "They weren't able to bite and tear. They just did puncture wounds all over."

Bon Bon's wounds did come with a price tag, just under $1,400. It's money that's tough to scrounge up in this economy says Marisa. She wants the dogs owner to pay up, but she hasn't been able to communicate with him. 9OYS reporter Marcelino Benito knocked on his door as well, but no one was home.

9OYS wanted to know if the owner could be found liable for all of Marisa's bills. Arizona HB 2137 says if a dog attacks a person, it's a felony. A Tucson ordinance says if an animal is deemed "dangerous," the owner is required to obtain liability insurance, but as 9OYS has reported before, declaring a dog "dangerous" is the hard part.

For now Marisa says she's grateful the situation didn't get any worse. Bon Bon and her are recovering, and she says she's optimistic everything else will work itself out.