Pima County Sheriff issues tips on spotting Elder Abuse

Pima County Sheriff issues tips on spotting Elder Abuse

CREATED Feb 22, 2012

Web Producer: Marlena Hamilton

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV)-  The Pima County Sheriff's Department wants the residents of Southern Arizona to be aware of the signs of elder abuse.

Elders are usually victims to abuse because they are less able to stand up to bullying or fighting back.

Elders are also targets for identity theft, fraud and scams which can drain their life savings.

Elders suffer physical abuse and financial abuse usually from a family member, spouse, caretaker or someone they come in contact with.

Elders usually tolerate it because they blame themselves for the abuse or they tolerate and accept it.

Some types of abuse are: Physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological/emotional abuse, financial abuse/exploitation, neglect and self neglect.

The most common is self neglect situations because the senior cannot take care of their basic needs, medical needs, finances, home environment, or their personal hygiene, according to Clarence Dupnik Sheriff of Pima County.

Dupnik said it may be hard to tell if abuse or neglect is happening.

He says to look for changes in the senior's behavior or habits because the signs may not be proof of neglect or abuse but it may be a clue that there is a problem.

An older elder or someone who thinks an elder is being abused or neglected can contact Adult Protective Services (APS) in Tucson by calling 1-877-767-2385.