Flowing Wells High School

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Flowing Wells High School

CREATED Feb 15, 2012

 Producer: Martha Serda

Photographer: Chris Miracle

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - "What's Awesome About Your High School?" A credited dance class, a farm in the middle of the city and rewards for achievement.  The Nine On You Side Team visited the Caballeros at Flowing Wells High School.

Randal Weathers, Senior, "This is called a white board.  White board paint it's like  we're in 2050."

A state-of-the-art addition to the school's library.  They added a white board that stretches clear across the room.  But that's just the technical side of this school."

Randal Weathers, "I think the thing I love best about Flowing Wells is that there's so much more going on.  We have so much extracurricular activities that you can both be involved in.  Like if I wanted to be involved in.  If  you want to go bowling.  They  have a bowling team.  And I'm in the dance team.  You can be anyone and go here and fit in with something."

The dance class Randal Weathers talked about is the school's pride and joy, among other things of course.

Scott Autenreith, Junior, "It's a gift to have that where they're pushing fine arts more than they used to.  And they're really committed here and they really care about you."

Fine Arts is encouraged here, but so is your overall fitness.  The school also has a brand new State-of-the Art workout room  Students are excited to come here everyday.

Brian Molina, Senior, "I really love the community.  I feel the teachers are really tight with you personally.  They want you to succeed and if  you put in the effort they will help you."

Caballeros get a read world experience in their agriculture classes.  They have a greenhouse on campus that rivals the best in the city.

Britney Maas, Agriculture student tends to tomatoes, "Shaking it just a little bit knocks down the pollen and drops it down throughout the plant."

And for you city slickers, Flowing Wells offers up a little bit of country.  

Kolby Lane, Sophomore, "A farm place int he middle of the city."

Kolby Lane is just one of the many students who take of the school's farm animals.  It's part of the school's FFA Program -- Future Farmers of America.

Kolby Lane, "FFA is a huge leadership thing so by going to competition you interact with people and you learn some leadership skills.  You can take that with you when you go to a job or something."

The Student Body President says there is something for everyone on this campus.

Kemha Fernander, Senior, Student Body President, "I came out of my shell my fresh ma year.  I was really nervous.  I didn't know if I was going to be the outgoing type and student council has really helped me because we're in front of the whole school all the time, so we kind of have to be the kind of people that everyone can talk to."

Kate Taylor, the school's Student Body Historian, says the schools welcomes individuality.

Kate Taylor, Junior, "If we see somebody just sitting by themselves.  Maybe they're a new kid, maybe they're just sitting by themselves that day.  We always try to incorporate them and get them to know them.  You never know who you're gonna meet. You don't know what' somebody's story is."

And Flowing Wells recognizes students going the extra mile.  We found a specially -catered luncheon honoring 250 students with perfect attendance.

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The Nine On Your Side Team would like to thank everyone at Flowing Wells High School for making this story possible.  We enjoyed touring the campus and wish all the students a wonderful 2012 and a great summer.