Banning smoking in cars

Banning smoking in cars

CREATED Feb 6, 2012

Government researchers suggest banning smoking in cars when children are present. 

Reporter: Tammy Vo

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - There are many restrictions that have been placed on drivers including texting bans and talking on the cell phone.  Now, government researchers are pushing for another ban -- no smoking in the car when kids are present.  Is it a good idea?   

9 On Your Side headed to the American Lung Association for comment. There, we met Michael Fayne. He underwent a double lung transplant one year ago after being diagnosed with lung disease. He describes what brought on his sickness.

"About forty years of smoking. Not too smart but when you grow up in the 60's. We weren't too smart back then". He believes he would've been dead had he not received the transplant. It was a wakeup call for Fayne who now knows how dangerous cigarette smoke can be.

The Centers for Disease Control conducted research that found that one-fifth of kids who don't smoke are often exposed to it in cars. It's calling for a smoking ban in cars when kids are present.

Chris Casagrande is a smoker. She supports the idea under certain conditions. "Depending on how old that kid is. If it's a baby or toddler, yeah because of second hand smoke."

The American Lung Association fully supports a ban saying that the dangers of second hand smoke are real. Executive Director Dominic San Angelo said, "Second hand smoke kills. It hurts. Children are vulnerable because they can't make that informed decision themselves. There are laws about child abuse and neglect". He went on to say "It's not a question of whether government wants to parent children. There's reasonable evidence that second hand smoke kills."

About five states have passed laws banning smoking in cars while kids are present. Congressman Grijalva fully supports it saying “I never smoke when my grandson is in the car, and I hope no one else would either.” Governor Brewer wasn't ready to comment without reviewing the study.

The American Lung Association is holding its annual Fight for Air Walk on March 18th at the U of A mall. To register click here. Their Healthy Lung Expo will be held on Saturday, March 10th at Viscount Suites in Tucson. To register call 323-1812.