Mother of hit and run victim speaks out

Mother of hit and run victim speaks out

CREATED Feb 5, 2012

Reporter: Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - KGUN9 returns to the crime scene with the mother of Ashley Munger, who was killed in a hit and run on 22nd street -- near Columbus.

Choking back tears, Dina Zielinski said,  "Three days after she was killed here, I saw some people crossing the street here where she died and I literally started yelling at them." That's because she
didn't want what happened to her 22-year-old daughter happened to them.

It was just about 7 oclock, when Ashley Munger left the library and was headed to her apartment complex -- located about a half mile -- on the other side of 22nd street. As she crossed, she was hit by a car. "The man who hit her was the last person who went through the yellow light," said Zielinski.

Police say that man was 71-year old Bruce Jackson. With witnesses help, police were able to track him down. Zielinski says her daughter was instantly killed and she's angry that Jackson just drove off. "She left behind a 2 and a 3 year old little girls. And they are now going to be without a mom. It just really bothers me that he did not have the heart to even stop to see if she was okay, if she was still alive, nothing. Nothing at all. i just don't understand how people can be that way."
The tragic irony -- the library is on the corner of 22nd and Columbus and her daughter was just a few steps away from a crosswalk.

KGUN 9 On Your Side asked Zielinski is she was surprised that her daughter did not use the crosswalk that was next to the library. She answered, "I am surprised. and I see  people crossing here all the time. All she had to do was walk out that door and go to the crosswalk. and I don't understand why people just don't take that time." And that includes her own daughter.

So now Zielinski says she wants to do what she can to help families understand the dangers of not using crosswalks. The family set up a memorial -- a cross --  in the median, close to where her daughter was struck and killed. As she points across the street, she said, "I put balloons there and put flowers there. Hopefully, people see that cross knows that somebody died there and maybe think twice before crossing the street there."