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Bravery tested: Man takes down accused thief

Bravery tested: Man takes down accused thief

CREATED Jan 31, 2012

How would you react if you saw an accused thief trying to get away? A Tucson man jumped into action.

Reporter: Tammy Vo

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - If you saw someone stealing something, what would you do? William Sponaas lept into action and took down the bad guy. It happened outside of the Big Lots store on Oracle on Monday. 

Sponaas says he saw a man trying to get away after stealing a shopping cart full of socks. While he was busy chasing after the bad guy, his daugher Mariah was back at the car calling for 911.

The two made their way across the intersection weaving through strip malls and finally, Sponaas took the guy down an hour later when he tried to push Sponaas into traffic.

"I tripped his feet from underneath him and grabbed the back of his ankles and held him down" described Sponaas. Eventually police showed up and arrested the guy. The whole episode lated an hour. Sponaas was exhausted but says that he would do it again.