Etiquette: Not polite to point especially at President

To Carrie Click of Click...On Etiquette, etiquette is not a quaint set of habits from long ago, it's a social and business tool for effective relationships.

Etiquette: Not polite to point especially at President

CREATED Jan 26, 2012

Reporter: Craig Smith

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A lot of the uproar over the picture of the Governor pointing her finger at the President boils down to is that polite?
To some that's up to debate, to others it's up to etiquette---the rules of polite behavior that help us get through life with a minimum of friction and ruffled feathers.
Etiquette does not come naturally to a lot of people.  That's why there are etiquette coaches.

Back in a more gracious, less in-your-face time, children learned good manners at their mother's knee and polite society put a lot of emphasis on being polite.
But etiquette is not dead or dusty history.  Etiquette expert and coach Carrie Click says good etiquette builds respect.

KGUN9 reporter Craig Smith asked Ms. Click: "In the business world, in the social world, how is it taken when someone points a finger at someone; especially at close range?" 

Carrie Click: "When you're doing it up closely and in someone's face it can come across as the other person is very angry at you and almost in a way, chiding you as you would do a child."

Carrie Click understands Presidential, even royal etiquette, she served in the George W. Bush White House, though not as an etiquette advisor. She says around Presidents, it is especially not polite to point.

Craig Smith asked her: "When you take it to the case of a President on the receiving end of this, where does that stand in the world of etiquette?"

Carrie Click: "It would be pretty bad. You definitely don't want to be pointing your finger at the President of the United States.  Again, I do not know the context of the conversation or what was exactly happening between the two of them but , of course again, I'm talking about the American culture, because pointing in different cultures could mean something entirely different but here it would come across in a very negative viewpoint to everyone."

To Carrie Click, good etiquette is good business because it helps lower the walls and build a spirit of cooperation rudeness and confrontation destroys.