Erin Christiansen condition update

Erin Christiansen, Chief Meteorologist for KGUN 9 On Your Side

Erin Christiansen condition update

CREATED Jan 26, 2012

Notes by:  Forrest Carr, KGUN9 News Director

KGUN9 Chief Meteorologist Erin Christiansen has not been in the studio all week due to what  originally was thought to be a case of bronchitis, probably brought on by one of the cold viruses that have been going around lately.  As it turns out, it's a bit more serious than that.  Erin now tells us she's been diagnosed with an acute case of Valley Fever.

As long time southern Arizona natives know, Valley Fever is an infection caused by a fungus common to our area.  Inhaled spores can settle in the lungs and cause symptoms similar to a cold or flu in some people.  If not caught and treated, the infection can damage the lungs.

Erin tells us that her doctors say her condition is very treatable and that the medical outlook for her is good.  But she will miss work the rest of this week and all of next week at least.

Erin has authorized us to share this information with you, and we'll keep you updated.  Meanwhle, well-wishers can reach Erin by way of her work email ( or via her Facebook page.