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San Diego Zoo to get 2 elderly elephants

San Diego Zoo to get 2 elderly elephants

CREATED Jan 20, 2012

Web Producer: Laura Kittell

SAN DIEGO (AP) - The San Diego Zoo has confirmed they are getting two elderly elephants from Arizona to add to its refuge for older elephants.
U-T San Diego says 45-year-old Connie and 36-year-old Shaba will be moved together from Reid Park Zoo in Tucson at a yet to be determined date.
The original plan was to move Connie alone, but the female elephants have been companions for 29 years.
Former game show host Bob Barker, the local community and activists voiced concern that splitting them up would affect the animals.
The elephants will live at the Elephant Odyssey, where they will have more space and live with a larger herd of older elephants.

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