Bullied sixth grader now home-schooled

Bullied sixth grader now home-schooled

CREATED Jan 17, 2012

Reporter: Stephani Ruiz

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - After months of being bullied at Orange Grove Middle School, Morgan Knox and her mother decided enough was enough.

The 12-year-old is Miss Junior Teen Arizona and a member of the 4-H Club.

Knox said the bullying was bad, she didn't even go to school on her birthday, worried that it would be ruined.

A social and outgoing sixth grader, Knox is now in her first month of home schooling- and feeling failed by the system.

"They were calling me names, lots of names. they were getting my lunch and just stomping all over it and spilling it everywhere," Knox said.

"There are times when I would cry because there's nothing like hearing your daughter get in the car and say, 'someone told me I was ugly', " Wendy Knox, Morgan's mother, said.

They said it all started when the Knox family moved to Tucson two years ago.

"I felt bad. I really wanted to fit in," Knox said. "I thought that I could be a person here that would have lots of friends."

The bullying got even worse when Knox began middle school. She had friends, but the bullies made attending school miserable. Her mother said she would come home crying almost daily.

At times, the bullying was even physical. Knox said her classmates would trip her or hit her in the hallway.

Her family reached out to the school's administration for help, but said that didn't get them very far.

"It got to the point where we were calling the school every day. And then we were told to have Morgan come home and write it down everyday what had happened, who had called her what, and then to email it to her," Wendy Knox said.

So she did. Wendy Knox said she sent dozens of emails to administration documenting the bullying and still, nothing changed.

We took these concerns straight to Orange Grove. Principal Susan Rosenthal refused to face our cameras, but said by e-mail the school takes bullying seriously and investigates to the best of its ability.

For Knox and her mother, nothing changed, despite daily complaints. They said they were never informed of any action taken towards the kids bullying her.

Fearing her personal safety, Wendy Knox said she decided to home-school her daughter. Morgan Knox said she misses school and the friends she had. She said staying home is a good thing.

Update to viewers:    Viewer comments to this particular story proved the point.  Many students logged on to KGUN9.com and posted attacks against the student featured in this report.  Because of that, KGUN9 has removed those comments, banned the bullying commenters, and has closed this story to further viewer comment.