Correction: TMC is hiring people, not the opposite

Correction: TMC is hiring people, not the opposite

CREATED Dec 21, 2011

Notes by:  Forrest Carr, KGUN9 News Director

What a difference a letter makes.

A recent story contained a typo -- it happens from time to time, although it's not supposed to.  But this was a really bad and unlucky one.  We typed an " f " when we meant to type an " h " -- in the word "hire."  As a result, that sentence, which meant to say that Tucson Medical Center was hiring people, said just the opposite.


The whole point of the paragraph was that employment officials were referring people who'd been laid off at Carondelet to TMC.  However, despite that context, not every reader realized that the bad sentence contained a typo, and we are told it caused some consternation at TMC.

We humbly apologize for that.

To set the record straight:  a TMC spokesperson confirmed officially for us this morning that Tucson Medical Center is hiring, not firing.