Green party candidate running for mayor facing foreclosure

Green Party candidate for Tucson City Mayor, Mary DeCamp says she is responsible despite the foreclosure.

Green party candidate running for mayor facing foreclosure

CREATED Oct 4, 2011

Reporter: Steve Nuñez
Web Producer: Brian Pryor

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A Tucson Green Party candidate running for Mayor is facing foreclosure. Mary DeCamp told 9 On Your Side she plans to walk away from her house because, "our economic system is broken."

DeCamp held a press conference in front of city hall Tuesday morning. Besides local media, only a hand full of supporters attended the event.

DeCamp said, "Hi, I'm Mary DeCamp. I want to make history by becoming Tucson's first female Mayor and first Green Party Mayor."

DeCamp said she wants to use her voice and experience to shed light on a broken system. However, she did not say how she plans to fix it or take personal accountability even though she told supporters, "personal responsibility is one of the Green Party's ten key values."

Instead, DeCamp, who claims she's worked on and off as an instructor at the University of Arizona, said she, too, like thousands of other residents has fallen on hard times.

"The jobs I've worked have never paid me more than $30,000 a year," said DeCamp. "Poverty is not a crime and it should not be a disqualifier when seeking a job."

Yet, even she admits her story gets a little convoluted.

"I may not be good at moving money from other people's banks accounts into my own pocket, but I am a careful steward of resources," said DeCamp. "I get an awful lot accomplished at very little expense."

According to court records she showed 9 On Your Side Reporter Steve Nuñez, DeCamp paid $172,000 for her modest two bedroom, one bath house located near Prince and Campbell. She bought the house at the height of the housing bubble in 2007.

But DeCamp blames unforeseen medical bills for skipping out on making her monthly mortgage payments over the last two years.

And despite owing $156,000, she still plans to walk away.

Nuñez asked: "How can someone who can not handle their own personal finances be qualified to be a mayor of a city that has a budget of $1.3 billion?"

"I am quite capable of handling my own finances," answered DeCamp. "I pay my bills, I'm not delinquent."

Nuñez asked: "So why should voters trust you?"

DeCamp said, "Because I have a proven track record."

Despite her claims that she pays her bills on time, the bank is moving forward with foreclosing on her house. DeCamp said she has to be out by November 10th. That's two days after the election.